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Maintain a daily balance of at least $250 every day in the statement cycle in your regular checking account and receive these valuable benefits:
Unlimited check writing
No monthly account fee
Unlimited deposits
Single monthly statement listing all account
activities and balances.

Minimum balance to open account is $100.00

Re-Order Checks

(Monthly Service fee of $6.00 if the daily balance in your regular checking account drops below $250 any day in the statement cycle) *

A Bankeasy VISA Debit Card is also available with this account for only $1.00 per month and a 60 cent per ATM Activity fee. *

Any checking account with no activity for six (6) months and the balance falls below $100.00 on any day in the statement cycle, will be considered Dormant and be assessed a Dormant Fee of $3.00 for that statement cycle.*


*(Monthly Service Fees, BANKEASY VISA Debit Card Fees, and Dormant Account fees are subject to state and local sales taxes.)

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